The Ultimate Weekend Packing List (for Disneyland!)

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I have a special weak spot for Disney parks. I just love the atmosphere, the fun, the rides, the imagineering, .. It's the perfect weekend getaway to forget about work and life stress. We live relatively close to Disneyland Paris so we go at least once a year, but we've also been to 5 out of 6 parks in Disney World and have also visited both parks in Japan (I can't describe just how perfect these two parks are). I guess it's safe to say we're true fans. For this post I teamed up with Kipling who kindly gifted me the prettiest suitcase to show you how I pack for a weekend getaway - be it for Disneyland, a work trip, a city trip, .. I used to travel with a huge hard shell suitcase, but managed to tone my kit down to a cabin sized soft fabric suitcase.

Kipling Suitcase Closed Flat
Kipling Suitcase Open
This particular model is called the Youri Spin 55 - a soft fabric (the typical jeans-like Kipling fabric) suitcase with one big main zipped compartment. The big main zipped compartment is my favourite feature: I always hate struggling with opening my other suitcases as they take up so much space when laid flat. This one though can be opened just about anywhere without causing too much frustration. There are also a few more extra zipped pockets inside & outside the suitcase. The suitcase runs on four wheels - I'll never settle again for anything on two wheels - and has a top and side handle which I've both used already in different situations.

Kipling Suitcase Open Side Angle
I used to be a chronic overpacker. I'd promise myself every time that I wouldn't carry so much stuff with me anymore, but I couldn't help myself.. I've now luckily nailed down my ultimate weekend packing list, which serves me on both business trips and personal city trips. And when I travel to Disneyland I also add a pair of cute Minnie ears, obviously..

In terms of clothes I have narrowed it down to the bare minimum. I'm not much of a super fancy dresser, so I can luckily keep it quite simple. I start off with a fresh pair of jeans on the day we leave and pack one extra pair just in case I'd spill something on the pair I'm wearing. I pack two t-shirts or tops I know go well on both pairs of jeans and one extra sweater that also works well on all combinations. I also take two pairs of socks and two panties with me, and make sure they go with the shoes I brought and the jeans I'm wearing. Usually I don't bring any extra pairs of shoes with me on weekends - I just watch the weather forecast to make sure I wear the right type of shoe. For hot weather I would pack an extra pair of sandals (as they are flat they are super easy to pack) and wear light sneakers so I have two options.

Bunny Slippers
When I know the hotel won't provide any hotel slippers, I always make sure to bring my own with me. That way you bring a little bit of home with you on your trip (on business trips you could also bring your favourite home candle) and your feet don't have to touch those cold bathroom tiles when getting ready in the morning! The cute bunny slippers pictured here are from Next - they are from last year's collection and sold out but you can find similar ones here or here.

Beauty Case
Beauty wise I have one big packing tip.. Stock up on those minis. I have a bag full of minis (obtained as GWP's, PR gifts, from gift boxes, ..) I use when I go abroad. They come in so handy since they take up a whole lot less space and they also weigh considerably less. I have minis for just about anything I need hair, body & skin are wise: cleansers, moisturisers, masks, shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoo, tooth paste, .. I also like to pack a sheet mask to relax in the evening since this takes up next to nothing space wise and is a great way to unwind after a busy day.

When talking make-up I have to confess.. I have great difficulty with toning down the amount of products I use. I still pretty much carry along my whole usual routine - which would basically look like this or this. The only way I can reduce the amount of items a little is by using palettes to substitute separate pan, and I try to bring just one type of concealer & lipstick.

To pack all of my beauty stuff I use an old Percy & Reed Vanity Bag that is sadly all sold out. It has a lot of compartments that you can take out as you please and allows you to sort everything by theme. Kipling does a similar type of big vanity bag in the same style of this suitcase (I know what I'm getting when my current bag falls apart), you can view it on their webshop here. It even attaches to your trolley!

I used to carry around my hair dryer as well as it's got a bunch of power and dries my hair quickly, as opposed to most hair dryers in hotels.. But I'm now no longer doing that since it's much too bulky to pack. I've learned that in moderate & luxury hotels you can just ring up the hotel reception and ask for a better quality hair dryer: they usually will have a few in stock and housekeeping will bring one up for you. If there is no alternative, I just make sure I calculate an extra 10 minutes for my hair. Both options are better than needing to pack a bigger suitcase just to get your hair blow dried. I do however pack my hair straightener with me in its heat shielding travel case.

Kipling Closeup Fluffy Monkey
While I love the whole design and colour of the suitcase, my favourite little part must be the fluffy Kipling monkey. I remember when I went to primary school that Kipling school bags (I had a big red square one) were all the hype, and you'd be even cooler if you had multiple Kipling monkeys. This fluffy one is a cool modern take on the Kipling monkey that would even be cute attached to your oversized handbag.

The Ultimate Weekend Packing List (2 nights)
Socks x2
Panties x2
Jeans x1
T-shirts or tops x2
Sweater x1
Sandals (in summer)
Swimsuit (if you plan to swim)
Slippers (in case your hotel won't have any)
Daily makeup kit 
Beauty minis
Tooth paste & tooth brush
Hair brush
Hair straightener 
Phone charger
Hand sanitizer or wipes
Reservation documents
ID & other official documents

Courtesy of Kipling:
Youri Spin 55 - €179,90
Available through the Kipling website or in one of their stores/retailers

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