More is just more

It took a while for me to finally get here. Often, more is just that: more. Not better, but just more. More stuff. More space taken up. In my home, but also in my mind. It got a little crowded the past few years, so I threw some things out. A lot of things. I haven't finished Marie Kondo's book yet, and I haven't sorted out my clothes or beauty cabinet to make it totally "capsule". I just finally realised that having more actually makes me feel less.

Our study and bathroom started to feel like storage rooms, and the quiet working space I created for us turned into a mess where I hadn't properly spent time in for at least a year. At first I just wanted to clean up. Of course I regularly cleaned both these rooms, but no matter how much you clean it'll still feel messy if you simply have too many things. I am very lucky to have had this blog for many years and to have the privilege of trying out products even before their launch dates. But I realised that somewhere along the way, I forgot what actually makes (made?) me happy about this blog. I don't want this to be a resource for every single new launch. I don't want to write about products I would never buy and would never continue to use after publishing my article. I don't wear red lipstick. I don't wear blue eyeshadow. No matter how good their quality. So why was I writing about them?

So this is the start of something new. Not entirely new, but hopefully new enough to give me the energy and appetite to start blogging more often again. I've been enjoying the quiet time away from the blog, and have appreciated my most recent articles that are much more about my own style, instead of being just another review. I intend to put much more of my personal taste into my future articles, talking about both old and new launches at the same time. I also want to follow up on my promise to write about my other passions as well: for some reason I haven't written much at all about my travels the past few years, while my fiancé and I spend so much time planning each and every one. We have plenty of tips and experiences to share. And I also hope to find more time to tell you about my mindfulness journey, my ever growing love for plants & flowers, my upcoming wedding, my personal approach to minimalism and my seemingly always failing fitness endeavours.

So here's to new things coming. Cheers! đźŤľ

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