Lisha at Joliette:
One of my besties in the Belgian blogosphere, and she has a blog to admire. Her pictures are always impeccable, and her writing is witty, funny and to the point. Follow her on Instagram & Twitter too for daily fun!

Vanessa at The Wild Girl:
I love Vanessa's Instagram and blog. Her style is gorgeous and we have a few similar hobbies or interests, like Pokémon for example. She's very honest in everything she writes, writing about current controversial topics often and having a critical voice in the Belgian blogosphere.

Liah Yoo at Liah Yoo:
A fairly recent YouTube discovery, I instantly subscribed after watching her first video. Liah Yoo lives in South Korea and talks about skin care in a very knowledgeable way. If you're looking to learn more about skin care ingredients, hypes and fads, this is the YouTube channel to subscribe too.

Karima at Shameless Fripperies:
Karima is one of the most talented beauty bloggers and YouTubers that I've found. Her tutorials on YouTube are the best out there: her knowledge of beauty products and skills are admirable. She gives the best tips throughout her tutorials, many of which have helped me get better at makeup along the way.

Sharon at Sharon Farrell:
Sharon does not currently have a blog, but runs one of my favourite YouTube channels. She has a similar skin type as me which is great when following her tutorials, but also comes across very genuine posting plenty of new videos weekly. She's a very talented make-up artist and has taught me a lot regarding makeup techniques. 

Stacey at Expat Make-Up Addict:
Stacey is a woman to admire: she's so positive and has an amazing amount of willpower. She's gone through a lot during her blogging career, but has always grown her blog and never ceases to draw my attention to her enthusiastic blogposts written with much detail and love for makeup.

Petra at Sprinkes On A Cupcake:
Petra is one of the sweetest ladies I know - I met her through local blog events and we've grown to be friends. She's generous, kind-hearted and has an ultra-sweet blog filled with makeup, recipes and peeks into her life.

Stéphanie at Style Laboratory:
Stéphanie and I have one big love in common: everything and anything Japan. She also writes often about Korean skin care with great detail and beautiful pictures. If you're looking for some K-beauty, this is the blog to head to.

Shari at The Misty Mom:
Shari has a beautiful blog with amazing pictures, and a great taste for both budget and luxury makeup. Her blog has grown so much since I started following her and is a place for inspiration and discoveries!

Amelia at Amelia Liana:
I started following Amelia's blog before she did YouTube - and now I love watching her videos too. She's funny, has great taste in makeup and style and lives in the most beautiful city in the world: London.

Vivianna at The Anna Edit:
I love Vivianna's laid-back style as she reminds me a little of myself right now. She has a beautiful sense of style and inspires me to keep a tidy and smaller wardrobe, while also showcasing the exact makeup looks that I also like to sport on a daily basis. Check out her YouTube as well!